Updated: Oct 16, 2021


Join Date: Early 2011

Status: Inactive

Claim to Fame: Most infamous griefer in Minecraft's history using Exploits such as The Thunderhack to find bases, a former member of 4chan and The Facepunch Republic, as well as one of 2b2t's oldest, this player's deeds are legendary.

o (Basically everyone on the sever except for the occasional nut job)

o Branillon, chase101, CreamOfTheSlop, c1yd3i, fr1kin, IamTUNA, iTristan, jared2013, kinorana, passie05, policemike55, taylo112, 0x22, and xcc2.

Groups Joined: Backdoor Crew, 4 Chan, Tyranny/Nerds Inc., The Facepunch Republic.

Bases: 1095 365 Base, 700Base, Passie Town, Popbob's Castle, Plugin Town, SquidBase, and The Archive.


Blah blah.

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