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Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Crystal PvP, also known as CPvP, is a form of PvP in which players kill each other with end crystals. This process can be extremely complex with the use of ender chests, pistons, clients, obsidian, and bows. However, can also be simple when players just explode the end crystals, trying to hit the target’s legs. Crystals are placed on bedrock or obsidian and then hit with the objective of killing the other player quickly. The differentiating factor between Crystal PvP and common PvP methods is that you can kill enemies speedily, utilizing the end crystal’s massive damage per second.

-Origins- Crystal PvP evolved from the “bed bombing” method used in the Rusher War on 2b2t. There is evidence for this-- beds are used in the nether to instantly kill people when triggered, similar to end crystals.

It was an effective method of killing an enemy player, and was used often at Nether spawn. When 2b2t updated to 1.0, experienced Minecraft players knew they could use the new placeable “End crystal” item to their advantage.

The archaic version of Crystal PvP involved players covering their legs in obsidian and spaming end crystals, which would kill a fully enchanted diamond armor player in a matter of seconds. The first people to use this method were invincible for the time being, but eventually others started to catch on and use it to their advantage.

-The Crystal PvP Arms Race- Crystal PvP started to gain traction in 2016, especially on 2b2t. The nether spawn made mostly of obsidian and bedrock made crystals placeable nearly everywhere, which allowed players to duel at spawn. Players who crystal PvP were referred to as “cpvpers," which is a shortened version of crystal pvpers. As crystal pvpers started getting more skilled with crystal pvping, entire strategies and ‘metas’ were now developing. Some players even started coding their own clients to place crystals for them, automating a major factor of the cpvping process and unintentionally creating the precursor to modern crystal PvP. Clients placing crystals for the players made them unstoppable and crystal PvP was getting very competitive at this time, so players fought back by doing the exact same thing. With this came an ‘arms race’ of the cpvp community trying to 1 up each other with their new modules, and clients and such. Over time these older modules became refined, forming the cpvp we know today. Modules such as “burrow”, “autocrystal”, “autosurround”, “holefill”, and “autoweb” all came from this time period.

-Modern Day Crystal PvP (2020-2021+) Crystal PvP in the present day is scattered across multiple clone servers and crystal PvP servers, such as “5b5t”, “Oldfag”, “9b9t”, and “”. Players make use of clients and methods to make crystal PvP as efficient as possible. Crystal PvP’s nature of involving hacks has made it popular on all anarchy servers, especially 2b2t. 2b2t players debate on whether or not 2b2t is the best place to cpvp, due to Hausemaster patching modules in clients that make crystal PvP less “fun”. Crystal PvP in general is scattered across servers, and asking any crystal PvPer what server they mainly play on will generally give you distinct answers.

  • The Crystal PvP Community The Crystal PvP community is generally seen as extremely toxic. Any seasoned 2b2t player would tell you that the cpvp community is littered with racism, toxicity, people who doxx players, and swatters. Cpvpers often hurl insults at each other, find each other’s IP addresses, and harm other players with malicious intent. It is said that crystal PvP is frustrating because of how much you can die, which is most likely the reason for the sheer toxicity found within the community. Anyone looking to get into cpvp may have a hard time learning due to the learning curve and virulent community, so friends of friends are the most common way people pursue crystal pvp.

  • Impact Of Crystal PvP On 2b2t Crystal PvP is synonymous with 2b2t in terms of culture. Crystal PvP has developed a range of communities, metas, strategies, and general outcomes that 2b2t never would have had if it wasn’t for Crystal PvP. Crystal PvP’s sheer toxic nature may have even influenced the average Minecraft player’s outlook on 2b2t, “A toxic wasteland full of incels”. It’s nature of improvising and evolving has made crystal PvP one of, if not the most complicated PvP methods. This complex nature has kept new players, newfags from learning how to cpvp for years. -How Crystal PvP Works- Crystal PvP is divided up into 2 main categories, utility cpvp, and standard cpvp. Utility cpvp being crystal PvP with use of a client, and regular cpvp being crystal PvP without any modded gameplay. [Utility Crystal PvP] Utility Crystal PvP uses a module generally called “autocrystal” to place end crystals for the player. It can do this behind blocks or entities, making it prohibited on non-cheating minecraft servers. There are a plethora of other modules such as “burrow” or “autosurround” which make use of the environment or blocks to obstruct the explosion path and keep the player alive. Players can go into bedrock holes or obsidian holes, and use these modules to protect themselves. Crystal PvP involves a substantial amount of “endurance”, that being number of items and armor durability. The player is constantly being exposed to a number of factors as well as choices, so it is very easy to mess up and die. Cpvpers also use a module called “autototem” which automatically places a totem of undying in the off-hand of a player making going to the once long process of going into the inventory, instantaneous. Losing one of these totems is referred to as: “popping”. [Standard Crystal PvP] Crystal PvP’s most basic form is standard crystal PvP. It is basically a player bombing other players with the use of their hand. Players place crystals at other players’ legs and hit the crystal, which kills them very quickly. They avoid dying by placing obsidian at their legs and using knockback as well as punch bows to obstruct this process. -Getting Into Crystal PvP- The most common way to start crystal PvPing is to simply watch a youtube video or learn from a friend. There are a number of guides which detail you on how to get started at crystal PvP, and almost all cpvpers have learned these two ways. It is advised that before you start be sure you are prepared to conceal your identity and remain considerate as to what you say, because doxxing and swatting is extremely common within the cpvp community. -Other- [-List Of Crystal PvP Servers]










Crystal PvP Guide:

A Beginners Guide to Crystal PVP on 2b2t | Learn the Basics!

Crystal PvP Clients:

Future [Safe]

Rusherhack [Safe]

Phobos [Caution]

Impact [Safe]

Konas [Probably safe]

Abyss [Caution]

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