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Spawn is a chaotic place full of jagged lavacasts piercing the dark sky. Craters dot the desolate wasteland, and a dark pit at the bottom of the world awaits anyone unlucky enough to miss their step. Spawn may be a ruin, but it is the heart of 2b2t, and also it's story. Under those man-made mountains of stone lay secrets of the past. Dive into this section that helps to unravel the mysteries from a different age of wars, places, and players of long ago.

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The sever's long history of 10+ years combined with the fact that 2b2t is anarchy means that it's culture has evolved into a strange but beautiful one, This section will uncover the whys whats and hows of 2b2t.


2b2t is unique in the fact that the entire history of the game is decided by the player base. Every legend, alliance, betrayal, and war is decided by them. A select handful of the... have become well known and respected community leaders for their hard work and skills. This section covers 2b2t's legendary figures heroes, and villains who, for better or for worse, have shaped 2b2t into what it is today.


build and break, rise and fall, live and die. This is the way of 2b2t. Hidden amongst  2b2t's endless wilderness of dense forests, vast oceans, and snowy peaks lie structures and ruins filled with secrets and memories, haunted by ghosts of the past. Hear the stories behind these bases and Discover the server's beauty made from nothing but the fruit of the earth and a spark of imagination.

This server has never been for the faint of heart. It has nothing to do with its age, the state of its spawn or lack of moderation. It has everything to do with the type of people here. The ones that keep coming back. We would like to be left alone, and what little company we do find, we tend to find in people as strange as us. This server is no place for youtubers looking to make a quick buck. The ones that have featured this place on videos, have done their audience a disservice. No one should wish this place on anybody. To make it perfectly clear, there is no war. There is no win condition.. It has been and always will be a matter of time. Those who do not belong here will eventually fade away and forget this place ever existed. Those who stay will have always belonged here and they will never truly leave -DocSmurf

Wrath Render

Duals, battles, wars. 2b2t's anarchy environment has lead to over a decade's worth of conflict; likewise, many of these said conflicts have transcended into legend and each has left a permanent mark on the server